3D Time Capture

Holographic Time Capsule Crystal

Solar-Powered Operation

Utilizes solar power for environmentally friendly operation, ensuring continuous functionality without the need for external power sources or frequent battery replacements.

3D Holographic Video Projection

Incorporates advanced 3D holographic video projection technology, allowing users to store and display immersive holographic videos, creating a captivating and interactive experience for viewers.

AI Data Storage

Employs AI-driven data storage capabilities, enabling intelligent organization, categorization, and retrieval of stored content, optimizing storage efficiency and facilitating seamless access to archived datA.

Glowing Decorative Standby Mode

THE PRODUCT Features a glowing decorative standby mode that adds aesthetic appeal to any environment, serving as both a functional time capsule and an eye-catching decorative piece when not in active use.

Easy Recording and Playback

Provides an intuitive interface for easy recording, updating, and playback of content, allowing users to effortlessly add new memories, messages, or multimedia files to the digital time capsule and revisit them at any time.


3D Time Capture is a digital time capsule designed to use artificial intelligence and holographic technology to capture, preserve, and play back the image and life story of a person after they have passed away. 3D Time Capture features a glass crystal display that projects a three-dimensional video of the deceased, paired with AI-enhanced audio files, which tell the story of the featured person. 3D Time Capture can be connected to devices to allow users to load text and video files so the AI can create a detailed image and story. In standby mode, the crystal housing of 3D Time Capture glows with the color that corresponds with the loved one’s birthstone, and displays a visual representation of their DNA. 3D Time Capture is also solar powered, making sure the device is future-proof, and can be used even without an external power source.



3D Time Capture is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.