Scan, share, and compare with ArcheoScan!

Reduce render times and picture collection times

The system is designed to reduce render times and picture collection times, streamlining the scanning process and increasing productivity.

User-friendly controls require less hands-on intervention

User-friendly controls require less hands-on intervention, allowing for easier operation and reducing the need for extensive training or constant supervision.

High-quality images make it possible to repatriate objects more quickly

The device captures high-quality images, making it possible to repatriate objects more quickly by providing detailed and accurate visual records for identification and verification.

Scans can be easily uploaded to a shared, searchable database

Scans can be easily uploaded to a shared, searchable database, making it simple to store, organize, and access scanned images for collaborative projects and efficient data management.

Four camera angles, automated turntable, light ring, light diffusing cylinder, and removable reflective top produce better images

Featuring four camera angles, an automated turntable, a light ring, a light diffusing cylinder, and a removable reflective top, the system produces better images by ensuring comprehensive and evenly lit scans from all perspectives.


What is ArcheoScan? ArcheoScan is an easy-to-use tabletop photogrammetry machine that automatically scans, renders, and stores 3D images for widespread use by researchers, museums, and archeological collections. 3D scans are a useful way to support long-distance research and artifact analysis, without requiring environmentally damaging travel and time-consuming collection searches. ArcheoScan is a simple, cost-effective system that significantly cuts the time and expertise needed to create high-quality 3D artifact scans. ArcheoScan has multiple cameras that can adjust to the varied sizes and shapes of different artifacts, so they can maintain their angles and distance from the object without the need for extensive human-directed adjustment and processing. ArcheoScan images can also be easily uploaded to a shared, searchable database that not only avoids ethical issues around the rights ownership of the scans, but also allows collections to be accessed and maintained by archaeologists. ArcheoScan images expands the boundaries for archaeological research by allowing for the digital handling of fragile objects, fast comparisons of similar items within different collections, and links to 3D visual maps of actual dig sites to provide context for future research.



See the past in 360° with ArcheoScan! ArcheoScan is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this information-sharing idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.