Boat Float

Emergency Inflatable System for Boats

Rapid Emergency Response

The compact design and quick inflation feature enable swift deployment of the Boat Float in emergency situations, allowing for prompt action to address potential hazards or accidents on the water.

Reliable Durability

Utilizing durable materials akin to those used in inflatable rafts, the Boat Float ensures long-lasting performance and resilience, providing a reliable emergency flotation solution for boats of all sizes.

Secure Placement

The rubber bracket securely holds the Boat Float in place, minimizing the risk of displacement or loss, thereby ensuring its availability and functionality when needed most.

Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with standard air tanks, the Boat Float offers a practical and accessible emergency flotation solution for a wide range of boats and watercraft, enhancing safety and peace of minD.


Boat Float is an emergency air bag float for boats. When a boat is in distress, there may not be anything to keep it from sinking quickly before it can be rescued. Boat Float is designed to attach to the sides of a boat, so it can act as a large flotation device to keep the vessel from sinking. Simply install the Boat Float system on both sides of the boat to provide extra buoyancy in case of an emergency. Boat Float can be activated manually or automatically, and it will quickly inflate to keep the boat afloat until help arrives.


Boat Float is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.