Make pastry and temp proteins like a pro

Convenient and Hygienic Storage

Keep your cake tester clean and always within reach with our new wearable clip, ensuring a hygienic and convenient baking experience.

Hygienic Materials

Crafted with food-safe copper tube sheathing and a silicone end, our clip is easy to clean and sanitize, upholding the highest standards of kitchen hygiene.

Secure Magnetic Attachment

Equipped with a magnet, our clip securely holds the tester in place, preventing it from falling out and keeping it ready for use at any moment.

Sanitizing Salt Filling Option

For added sanitation, our clip can be filled with salt, providing an innovative way to keep your cake tester not only clean but also sanitized.

Universal Holder Design:

Designed to accommodate most sizes of cake testers, our universal holder ensures compatibility and flexibility for all your baking needs.


Cake Clip is a wearable holder for cake testers designed to make cooking projects easier for both professional and home chefs. Cake testers are vital to one’s success in the kitchen, but they can get lost, easily falling out of pockets and rolling off counters. Cake Clip is a copper and silicone holder with a magnetic clip that holds tightly to ovens, refrigerators, and other metal surfaces. The holder can be clipped securely to a chef coat, shirt sleeve, or apron pocket. Cake Clip offers sanitary protection for testers of all shapes and sizes, making sure the cake tester is clean and ready to go on the fly.


Cake Clip is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.