CleanFit Liner

Reusable Paint Bucket Liner

Molded Lip for Secure Fit

Features a molded lip that securely holds the liner in place within the paint pail, preventing slippage and ensuring stability during use, while also effectively catching paint drips to minimize mess.

Versatile Application

Designed to cater to both professional paint contractors and DIY enthusiasts, offering a practical solution for lining paint pails during painting projects of any scale.

Flexible Silicone Construction

Constructed from flexible silicone material, the liner can be easily turned inside out for effortless cleaning, allowing for quick and thorough removal ensuring long-term usability.

Roller Ridges and Handle Cutouts

Includes roller ridges and handle cutouts that facilitate easy paint application and handling, providing added convenience and efficiency for users during painting tasks.

Reusable Design

Designed for repeated use, the SilicoLiner Paint Pail Liner features a reusable design that reduces waste and environmental impact, offering a more sustainable alternative to disposable liners.


CleanFit Liner is a reusable, silicone liner designed to fit inside popular paint pails. Traditional plastic liners aren’t durable, meaning they have to be thrown away and replaced over and over. CleanFit Liner saves money and reduces waste with a washable design that makes paint cleanup more efficient and environmentally friendly. CleanFit Liner features a molded design that fits perfectly into the matching paint pail, with a lip to catch paint drips, as well as roller ridges and handle cutouts. Plus, CleanFit Liner is made of flexible, durable silicone that can be turned inside out for faster, easier cleanup with less waste.



CleanFit Liner is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.