Travel Bottle Warmer


Feeding your baby while on the move is easy with CozyBottle!

Warms Bottles in Under 2 Minutes

With its advanced heating technology, the Cozybottle can quickly warm a bottle in under 2 minutes, saving you precious time and ensuring your baby's milk or formula is ready when they need it.

LED Light for Temperature and Freshness

The product HaLED light indicators that display the current temperature of the bottle and indicate when the desired temperature is reached. it ALSO alerts you if the bottle has been warmed too long.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Designed to meet the needs of busy parents, cozybottle boasts a long-lasting battery life. It can warm multiple bottles on a single charge, providing convenience and peace of mind during extended outings or trips.

Travel Case Kit and Insulated Cold Pack

The product comes with a specially designed travel case kit that provides secure storage and protection during transport. It also includes an insulated cold pack to keep bottles cool and fresh until it's time for warming.

Convenient USB-C Charger

With a USB-C charger included, cozybottle can be easily recharged from various power sources such as power banks, laptops, or car chargers. This versatile charging option ensures you can warm your baby's bottle anytime, anywhere.

Snap-On Travel and Holding Strap

The pRODUCT comes with a snap-on strap, allowing you to easily attach it to your diaper bag, stroller, or any other travel gear. It provides a secure and hands-free carrying option for added convenience WHEN ON THE GO.


CozyBottle is a portable bottle warmer with a travel strap and insulated cooler bag. Traveling with a baby can be a juggling act, especially when balancing a bottle. CozyBottle is designed to help parents who are always on the go stay organized, with a convenient carry strap that lets parents securely hang onto the bottle while warming it and also while holding the baby. CozyBottle features both a ready temperature indicator light, and freshness indicator lights, so parents won’t have to worry about whether the bottle has been out of refrigeration for too long. With CozyBottle it’s easier to have mealtime on the move, making bottle feeding faster and more efficient!



CozyBottle is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.