Easy Drop

Make moving bulky items a snap with Easy Drop!

2 sets of rolling crossbars with locks

The product features 2 sets of rolling crossbars with locks, offering adjustable and secure support for carrying items of various sizes and shapes.

12V hydraulic ram with 1000 lb capacity

The 12V hydraulic ram with a 1000 lb capacity offers powerful lifting capabilities, making it easy to handle heavy loads with minimal effort.

Bottom runners along the cab and top of bed

The bottom runners along the cab and top of the bed enhance stability and support, ensuring the structure remains robust under heavy loads.

Stationary ratchet straps

The product includes stationary ratchet straps, providing secure and reliable fastening for various loads, ensuring they stay in place during transport.

Lock-out pivot joint allows back columns to fold down

A lock-out pivot joint allows the back columns to fold down, offering flexibility in configuration and making it easier to load and unload items.


What is Easy Drop? Easy Drop is a truck-mounted lumber rack with a built-in hydraulic ram designed to make it easy to load and unload bulky items. Wrangling big boards and other large items into a truck bed can be tedious and slow, and it can be difficult to securely tie down the load once it’s up. Easy Drop features stationary ratchet straps, a built-in 12-volt hydraulic ram with a 1000-pound capacity, and two rolling crossbars with locks, making it easier to safely move and manage bulky loads. Easy Drop offers protection to the truck and cab with a steel mesh headache rack, bottom runners, and an optional bolt-on bed protector. Easy Drop can also be configured to fit a variety of loads, with lock-out pivot joints that allow the back columns to fold down, and an adjustable back crossbar.



Drop, load, and lock with Easy Drop! Easy Drop is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this secure idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.