Emergency Monitor Watch

Have help with your health with Emergency Monitor Watch!

Fisheye lens camera and data collection systems

A fisheye lens camera and data collection systems enable EMS to remotely monitor the situation, providing critical visual information that can assist in emergency response.

Internal accelerometers can detect falls or crashes

The device is equipped with internal accelerometers that can detect falls or crashes, ensuring prompt alerting of emergency situations and potentially preventing further injury.

Heartbeat and blood oxygen sensor monitor vital signs

It features a heartbeat and blood oxygen sensor that continuously monitors vital signs, providing real-time health data to keep wearers informed about their physical condition.

Gas sensors monitor for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide in the environment

Gas sensors integrated into the device monitor for the presence of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide in the environment, enhancing safety by alerting wearers to potential dangers.

Reminder Function and Subscription option for additional services

The device can remind the caregiver, guardian or next of kin to administer medication and also alert them about doctors appointments. A subscription option is available for additional services, offering enhanced features and benefits to meet the specific needs of users who require more comprehensive monitoring and support.


What is Emergency Monitor Watch? Emergency Monitor Watch is an innovative health monitor designed to track both the wearer’s vital signs and their surroundings, so users can get help quickly during emergencies, even when the wearer is unresponsive. In case of a stroke, heart attack, fall, carbon monoxide poisoning, accident, or other medical emergency, minutes can make the difference between recovery and disaster. Emergency Monitor Watch tracks both vital signs and the surrounding environment, and when it detects an emergency situation, it can automatically call EMS, and then alert emergency contacts including family members or friends. Emergency Monitor Watch provides wearers with a fast, secure connection to doctors, emergency medical services, and family at all times. Emergency Monitor Watch also provides multiple methods of communication, including written texts and audio, allowing users to talk to doctors to ask and answer questions directly.



Keep an eye on vital signs with Emergency Monitor Watch! Emergency Monitor Watch is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this protective idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.