Sweep with less strain with ErgoSweep!

Great for both home and commercial use

This product is ideal for both home and commercial use, offering versatile and reliable performance in a variety of cleaning environments.

Convenient articulated dustpan

The dustpan is designed with a convenient articulated hinge, making it easy to scoop up dirt and debris without spilling.

Ergonomic D-shaped handles

The ergonomic D-shaped handle on top of both the broom and dustpan is designed to be easier to hold, reducing hand strain and improving grip for a more comfortable cleaning experience.

Extendable poles adjust the length to fit

This product features an extendable pole that allows users to adjust the length to their preference, providing customized comfort and convenience during use.

Dustpan and broom click together for more compact storage

For more compact storage, the dustpan and broom click together securely, saving space and keeping your cleaning tools organized and accessible.


What is ErgoSweep? ErgoSweep is an ergonomically designed broom and dustpan intended to make the chore of sweeping less taxing on the body. Holding a traditional stick handle dustpan and broom is not a natural motion, and it can cause wrist, arm, back, and neck fatigue and pain. ErgoSweep features an angled D-shaped handle that makes it easy to sweep up dirt and debris without twisting the wrists and straining the back. ErgoSweep is designed to make the act of sweeping and holding the dustpan more natural so users won’t get as tired when cleaning large areas, whether at home or in public spaces such as schools, businesses, parks, and more.



Make a clean sweep with ErgoSweep! ErgoSweep is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this fresh idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.