Flip the Bird

Novelty Product That Provides A Sophisticated Way to "Flip the Bird"

Clearly Defined Bird Shape

Featuring a distinct bird shape, this product is designed to be visible from a distance, allowing for easy recognition and providing an element of fun WHILE IN THE CAR.

Large Size and Colorful Design

A large size and vibrant, colorful design ensures it is easily recognized from a distance, yet it is meticulously crafted to avoid obstructing a driver’s view, promoting both safety and visibility

Durable, Sturdy Materials

Constructed from durable and sturdy materials, this product guarantees longevity and resistance to wear and tear. It is built to last for car rides for years to come.

Multi-Situational Use

The products universal design makes it suitable for use in a variety of situations. From the road – to the office – to home, this product will relieve tensions with humor.

Single Squeeze Activation for Flip

With an innovative design, the product can be activated to perform a series of head-over-heels flips with just a single squeeze, offering an amusing and engaging feature that is both easy to use and entertaining.


Flip the Bird is a spring-loaded, stylized bird figurine, designed to offer a sophisticated, fun way to “flip the bird”. For anyone who has ever been cut off in traffic or been in an irritating situation sometimes it can be tempting to make a vulgar hand gesture. Flip the Bird is the humorous alternative to defuse tense situations, allowing users to vent instead of escalating irksome situations.

Flip the Bird features a colorful bird affixed to the top of a handle, which can be flipped head over heels via an internal spring mechanism. Large and bright enough to be seen from a reasonable distance, Flip the Bird offers a way to express frustration and relieve stress in a light-hearted, flippant way.



Flip The Bird is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.