The Grab & Go Dog Harness

Quick Retractable Leash Harness

Comfortable and Cool Harness

THIS INNOVATIVE retractable dog leash comes with a lightweight, comfortable harness that ensures your pet stays cool and unbothered, even during long walks or active play.

Tough and Compact Design

Crafted with robust, compact, and durable materials, our retractable leash and harness are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, providing reliable control for your furry friend.

Versatility for All Sizes

THE GRAB & GO Dog Harness is Suitable for any dog size, our versatile leash offers a perfect fit and reliable control with preset leash lengths keeping your dog close ensuring safety and giving you piece of mind, whether you have a tiny terrier or a large Labrador.

Ideal for Outdoor Excursions

Our leash streamlines the transition between on and off-leash activities, making it perfect for dog parks, trails, walks, and other off-leash opportunities, our retractable leash enhances the outdoor experience, offering both freedom and control for your beloved pet.

Ergonomic Handle Grip and Convenient Handle Clip

Enjoy comfortable walks with our ergonomically designed handle, easy to grasp and hold, ensuring convenience for you without getting in your dog’s way. The handle clip on our leash allows for the creation of a convenient loop, making it easier to manage your pet during transitions between on and off leash moments."


The Grab & Go Dog Harness has a built-in, retractable leash so dog owners can transition quickly between on and off leash. Many dog owners like to let their pets enjoy off-leash time, but it can be an annoying hassle having to carry and clip on a leash for those moments when leash laws apply. The Grab & Go Dog Harness makes switching between on and off leash fluid and fast—simply grab the handle to pull the leash from the harness, then quickly retract it again when it’s not in use. The Grab & Go Dog Harness is lightweight and compact for greater comfort for the wearer, and can be adjusted to securely fit different sizes of dogs. From dog parks and trails, to river walks and hikes, the Grab & Go Dog Harness makes outdoor recreation easier and more efficient for both owners and pets!



The Grab & Go Dog Harness is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.