Heartbeat Bear

Help children sleep better and longer with Heartbeat Bear!

Washable cover

The washable cover allows for easy cleaning, ensuring the toy remains hygienic and safe for children to use.

Separate controls for sound and vibration

The sound and vibration functions can be turned on and off independently, giving the flexibility to customize the experience according to the child.

Removable control box

It includes a removable control box with replaceable batteries, making it easy to maintain and ensuring the toy can be used repeatedly without hassle.

Works with pillows and other stuffed toys

Designed to work with pillows and stuffed toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, this versatile control box can be placed in different soft toys, providing flexible options for soothing children.

Great for parents, babysitters, and other caregivers trying to soothe a baby or child

This stuffed toy with heartbeat sound and vibration is perfect for parents, babysitters, and other caregivers who are looking for an effective way to soothe and comfort a baby or child, providing a calming presence that helps little ones feel secure.


What is Heartbeat Bear? Heartbeat Bear is a stuffed toy designed to help babies and children sleep
better by creating the feel of a heartbeat using sound and vibration. It isn’t always practical for parents
and caregivers to sleep next to their babies, but the feel of a heartbeat can be deeply comforting when a
child is trying to settle down. Heartbeat Bear is a soft and snuggly stuffie that can recreate the sensation
of a mother’s heartbeat with the press of a button. When a child places their head on the toy, Heartbeat
Bear lets them feel and hear a soft, subtle heartbeat, creating a sense of safety and comfort. Heartbeat
Bear automatically turns off after 22 minutes, and features a durable control box that allows users to
turn the sound and vibration off separately.



Sleep soundly with Heartbeat Bear! Heartbeat Bear is in development and we are currently looking for
qualified licensees to help bring this heartwarming idea to the market. If you are interested in learning
more, please reach out to us through the information below.