Easily exchange gas for electric with InPowerz!

Environmentally-friendly alternative

This conversion kit offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to buying a new electric car or continuing to use a gas-powered vehicle, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Motor, control unit, and charging port

The kit includes an efficient electric motor, an electronic control unit, and a charging port, providing all the essential components needed to transform a vehicle into an electric one.

Electronic control unit compatibility

The updated electronic control unit seamlessly integrates with the car's existing electronic components, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility with the vehicle's current systems.

Expandable battery bank

Featuring an expandable battery bank, the kit can be sized to fit the engine bay of various cars, offering flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle models.

Works with DIY installation or as a kit install by a certified mechanic or specialty shop

Designed for versatility, the kit can be installed by DIY enthusiasts or by a certified mechanic or specialty shop, providing options for different skill levels and preferences in the installation process.


What is InPowerz? InPowerz is an electric car conversion kit designed to make it fast and easy to transform any gas car into an electric vehicle. InPowerz provides the parts needed to swap out a gas-fueled powertrain, with an expandable battery bank, electric motor, and charging port, so users can enjoy the lower driving costs of an electric vehicle without needing to pay the high price for a new car. InPowerz is designed to make use of the existing body, suspension, and interior components of the car, and is customizable for a wide range of vehicles. InPowerz replaces the gas engine with an expandable battery bank that can be sized to fit, and swaps the gas tank, gas cap, and fill line for a universal charging port. InPowerz also makes it possible to exchange the transmission with an electric motor that uses the car’s existing driveshaft, differentials, and axle configuration, along with a new electronic control unit.



Save money and the environment with InPowerz! InPowerz is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this empowering idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.