Bring stories to life with Narrait!

Narrait Features

  • The app allows users to easily upload or record new video or voice files, providing a seamless way to add content and enhance their digital library.
  • Users can quickly search for book titles, making it simple to find and access their favorite books or discover new ones within the app.
  • The app features the ability to create custom AI voices, even with limited samples, allowing for personalized and unique voice experiences tailored to individual preferences.
  • Users can manage their audio files and books directly from within the app, offering a streamlined and convenient way to organize, access, and enjoy their media collection.


What is Narrait? Narrait is a voice AI app designed to let users create custom voices and audio for book
narration. There are few memory triggers more powerful than hearing a familiar voice, even more so if
the person speaking is no longer around. The Narrait app uses recordings or uploaded videos to create
an AI voice that can read text from books in the app. Narrait is designed to work with a variety of prerecorded videos and audio files, or new audio files can be recorded directly in the app. Narrait is a
special way to bring stories to life, allowing users to hear books read in the voices of loved ones, favorite
characters, celebrities, and more. Narrait can also help users work through grief over the loss of family
member or friend, especially for children missing bedtime storytime routines.



Give voice to memories with Narrait! Narrait is in development and we are currently looking for
qualified investors to help bring this immersive idea to the market. If you are interested in learning
more, please reach out to us through the information below.