Moisturize more easily with OmniRoll!

Omni-directional ball

The omni-directional ball allows for complete coverage, enabling you to reach all areas effortlessly and ensuring a thorough and even application of lotion.

Wand-mounted or wall-mounted

This versatile product can be either wand-mounted or wall-mounted, offering flexibility in its use and allowing you to choose the most convenient option for your needs.

Easy to clean

Designed for convenience, this product is easy to clean, ensuring that it remains hygienic and ready for use at all times.

Lotion reservoir with roller cap

It features a lotion reservoir with a roller cap, making it easy to apply lotion smoothly and evenly, ensuring an efficient and mess-free application.

Suction cup with mounted coupling sticks onto smooth or other non-porous surfaces

The suction cup with a mounted coupling sticks securely onto smooth or other non-porous surfaces, providing a stable and reliable attachment, whether you use it on a wall or any other suitable surface.


What is OmniRoll? OmniRoll is a roller applicator and dispenser that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces to make it easy to apply lotion in hard-to-reach places. Chronic dry skin can be an irritating condition that requires the regular application of lotion, but it can be hard to get complete coverage in hard-to-reach places such as the middle of the back. OmniRoll has an attached reservoir that can be filled with lotion or cream, along with a ball roller that dispenses the product evenly across the skin. OmniRoll features a unique design that can be attached to the end of wand or suctioned to a smooth surface to make it possible to reach difficult areas with ease.



Spread lotion smoothly with OmniRoll! OmniRoll is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this soothing idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.