Keep rolling on with RollerUp!

Rollers can be placed at 4 different heights

RollerUp features adjustable rollers that can be placed at four different heights, providing customizable support and versatility to suit various needs and preferences.

Octagonal design keeps the roller stable

The unique octagonal design ensures that the roller ends remain stable during use, while still allowing the roller to spin internally, offering a smooth and effective massage experience.

Can easily fit into a zipper bag to be stored

Designed for portability, the product can easily fit into a zipper bag, allowing it to be stored conveniently in a locker, vehicle trunk, or closet when not in use.

Works with different types of rollers

Compatible with different types of rollers, which can either be included with the product or sold separately, it offers flexibility and adaptability for various massage techniques and preferences.

Massage feet, calf muscles, legs, and more

This versatile device is perfect for massaging feet, calf muscles, legs, and more, providing targeted relief and promoting relaxation and muscle recovery.


What is RollerUp? RollerUp is an adjustable stand for muscle massage rollers so users can more comfortably and easily massage their own muscles. Stretching and rolling muscles is important both before and after workouts, games, and practices, but it can be hard to keep rollers stable when stretching alone. RollerUp securely holds rollers at a comfortable height so users can let their own weight provide the needed pressure to effectively stretch and roll muscles. RollerUp can be used in almost any position, including while standing up, on the back, or from a chair. RollerUp is also highly portable and folds up compactly for convenient carrying and storage in bags and lockers.



Stretch more effectively with RollerUp! RollerUp is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this pain-relieving idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information below.