SafeBarrier Pro

Home Flood and Wildfire Barrier

Tough, Durable Materials

Protect your property with our advanced barrier, crafted from tough, durable materials that resist both water and fire, effectively containing floodwaters and creating a wildfire-protected zone.

Smart Home Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate THE Safebarrier Pro with your smart home and security systems, enhancing your home's safety network and providing real-time updates for immediate action in critical situations and emergencies.

Rapid Inflation Technology

Respond swiftly to emergencies with our barrier's rapid inflation technology, offering a super-fast response rate to quickly safeguard your home against imminent threats.

Automatic Deployment

Experience peace of mind with the automatic deployment feature, ensuring the barrier springs into action the moment flooding or fire is detected, without any delay.

Manual Activation Option

Stay one step ahead of disasters with manual activation available, providing pre-emptive protection to secure your property under your control.


SafeBarrier Pro is a pre-installed flood and fire barrier system that can automatically deploy in case of a flood or wildfire, thereby protecting homes and property from catastrophic damage. The number of homes being threatened by larger and more destructive flooding and fire events is increasing, but traditional methods of protection using sandbags and portable barriers can be slow and labor-intensive to use. SafeBarrier Pro is a fast-deploying, permanently installed flood and fire defense system that can be connected to a home’s security system and smart features to automatically engage if water or flames are detected. When flooding or fire threatens, SafeBarrier Pro rapidly inflates to create a tough, water- and fire-resistant barrier that is both higher and more efficient than traditional sandbags. SafeBarrier Pro can keep out floodwaters, or act as a firebreak to prevent wildfires from advancing. SafeBarrier Pro can be installed underground on both new and established properties, so it doesn’t interfere with the landscaping and visuals around the home. 



SafeBarrier Pro is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.