Sage E-Collar

Smart Training Collar

Walkie Talkie

give voice commands to your dog from a distance with a walky talkie. this is a much More Humane Way to Train your dogs than resorting to shocking and vibrating. You can correct your dog's behavior with just your voice.

Multiple Training Modes

Offers voice, beep, vibration, and shock control options, providing versatile training methods suitable for hunting dogs, herding dogs, and field trial dogs, ensuring effective training outcomes.

Low Volume Control and Built-In Speaker

Features a discreet volume control and built-in speaker for clear and audible commands during training sessions, ensuring effective communication between handler and dog.

Waterproof Materials with Multiple Colors

Constructed from waterproof materials, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions and environments. Available in multiple color options for personalized style preferences.

1-Mile Range with GPS Tracking:

Offers a 1-mile range with GPS tracking capabilities via a mobile app, allowing handlers to monitor and track their dogs' whereabouts during training or hunting sessions for added safety and control.

Control Up to Two Collars with One Remote:

Allows handlers to control up to two collars simultaneously with one remote, facilitating multi-dog training sessions and providing flexibility for handling multiple dogs.


Sage E-Collar is a training collar with all the features found in traditional training collars, plus the added advantage of having a built-in receiver/speaker designed for giving vocal commands to hunting dogs, herding dogs, and field trial dogs that have ranged outside of normal voice and whistle range. Field conditions and other distractions such as distance, wind, heavy cover, other dogs, and other handlers’ whistles or voice commands can often hinder a trainer’s ability to communicate with their dog. Sage E-Collar lets owners give direct vocal commands to their dog, helping to focus the dog’s attention, and allowing the dog to hear the owner’s voice loud and clear no matter the distance and environmental conditions. Other electronic training collars use beeps, vibrations, and electric shock to correct dogs, but hearing the trainer’s voice can often be enough to correct behavior. Sage E-Collar offers owners a more humane and effective option for training their dogs.



Sage E-Collar is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.