Soothe Surround

Nothing should stop you from being you!

Easy-to-use single button activation

An easy-to-use single button for activation and adjustment, allows users to effortlessly control the heating functions for optimal comfort.

Removable, low-profile, all-day battery

A convenient zipper pocket on the back holds a removable, low-profile battery that lasts all day, ensuring continuous warmth without the bulk.

Hidden heating elements

The hidden heating elements are strategically placed to follow the contour of the body, providing consistent, all-around heat without compromising on comfort or flexibility.

Full coverage heating targets pain areas

Designed for full coverage, this undergarment targets pain areas throughout the midsection and back, providing soothing heat to alleviate discomfort and muscle tension.

Multiple heat settings and Comfortable, stretchable outer layers

With multiple heat settings, users can customize the level of warmth to suit their needs, whether they require gentle heat for relaxation or higher temperatures for more intense relief. Made with comfortable and stretchable outer layers, this undergarment ensures a snug yet flexible fit, allowing for easy movement and all-day wear.


What is Soothe Surround? Soothe Surround is a body suit heating pad, designed to direct warmth
towards the midsection for discreet all-around, all-day pain relief. Endometriosis can cause
unpredictable and intense pain at any time, but heating pads are bulky and inconvenient to carry and
use. Soothe Surround is a discreet and targeted pain relief solution that can be comfortably worn all day,
anywhere, during a variety of activities. Soothe Surround features multiple adjustable heat settings, a
low-profile removable battery, stretchable outer layers, and hidden heating elements that follow the
contour of the body. Soothe Surround offers the freedom to live life without needing to worry about
unpredictable pain.



Find relief with Soothe Surround! Soothe Surround is in development and we are currently looking for
qualified licensees to help bring this hot idea to the market. If you are interested in learning more,
please reach out to us through the information below.