The Grebe Gloves

Swim And Paddle Faster With Hydrodynamic Paddle Gloves

Lobe Technology

Innovative lobes provide directional resistance, fanning out on the downstroke to maximize propulsion and collapsing on the upstroke to minimize drag, resulting in faster paddling speed.

Overlapping Design

The gloves feature an overlapping design that creates a unified paddling surface, ensuring smooth and consistent water contact throughout the paddling motion, enhancing speed and control.

Separated Fingers for Independent Motion

Designed with separated fingers, allowing for independent motion and providing paddlers with greater dexterity and control over their paddle strokes, enhancing performance and maneuverability.

Reinforced Finger Pads and Rubberized Grip

Equipped with reinforced finger pads and a rubberized textured grip, offering enhanced durability, comfort, and grip strength, ensuring a secure hold on the paddle and reducing hand fatigue during extended paddling sessions.

Preservation of Grasping Ability

Despite the separated finger design, the gloves preserve the ability to grasp objects, allowing paddlers to securely hold onto their paddle, adjust equipment, or perform other tasks without compromising performance or functionality.


Inspired by the foot shape of grebes, one of the fastest swimming water birds, the Grebe Gloves are paddle gloves designed to make paddling faster and less fatiguing, allowing swimmers to increase their speed with less effort. Most webbed paddle gloves cause resistance on the upstroke, and don’t allow independent finger movement. The Grebe Gloves feature flexible lobes rather than webbing, providing extra power on the downstroke, but much less resistance on the upstroke. The Grebe Gloves make it easier to swim, paddle, and surf more efficiently with less exertion, as well as hold and grasp objects with the separated fingers. The Grebe Gloves are great for surfers looking to catch more waves, swimmers hoping to cover more distance, or anyone else hoping to find a way to swim or paddle faster.



The Grebe Gloves is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.