The Skinny-Wand

A weight loss device that tracks calories with extreme ease….experience the power of AI.

Interactive - The Virtual Nutritionist recommends portions, healthier choices and lower calorie items.

Accurate - Includes snap calorie, sniffer sensors, sensor camera, and a fold-out scooper.

Portion control - Red light triangulates recommended portion size to keep within calorie or carb goals.

alerts - The product has set 0reminders to communicate when to drink water, eat vegetables, and more.

Nutritional profiles - Include the amounts of calories, fat, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, gluten, sugar, carbs, and oils.

Multilingual - THe product Can be programmed in multiple languages for global distribution for everyone.

Custom Features - Identify good and bad oils, gluten, and plant-based foods; measure cholesterol and insulin levels; specialized dietary approaches and ambitious weight loss targets,

Extra sensors - The product has wearable sensor the size of a quarter monitors caloric intake, provides alerts at specific quantities, and shares info with The Skinny-Wand.

Extra-small wand with sniffer attaches to the phone when carrying the full wand isn’t convenient


The Skinny-Wand is a virtual nutritionist, designed to count calories, and triangulate correct portion sizes to enable drastic weight loss through strict calorie counting. The Skinny-Wand gives you comprehensive info on the foods you eat, right in the palm of your hand, making it easy to stay within a recommended daily calorie goal. The Skinny-Wand has sniffer sensors, a sensor camera, and a fold-out scooper, which can work with preprogrammed food groups to speed up the scanning process. Simply wave The Skinny-Wand over a plate of food, and it will provide a full nutritional profile, including the amounts of calories, fat, fiber, sodium, carbs, oils, sugar, gluten, and more. The Skinny-Wand also has a red light designed to show the healthy portion size to ensure adherence to recommended daily calorie goals. The Skinny-Wand is designed to make it easy to adapt food choices to meet specific nutritional targets, such as managing weight loss through food diagnosis, finding healthy portion sizes, or adopting a plant-based diet. The Skinny-Wand can track exercise routines, and also features a virtual assistant that provides customized suggestions and personally addresses the user to guide healthy food choices.



The Skinny-Wand is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this innovative concept to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us through the information provided.