Invention Assistant is the preferred product development company in the industry.

We utilize creative Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers to design and develop inventions for manufacturing. From sketches, to three dimensional prototypes and physical prototypes we will help create the product you envision. 

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Invention Assistant Can Design and Develop Your Idea.

Design And Development

Computer designs are the basis for an invention or app by bringing it to life. At Invention Assistant our industrial designers and mechanical engineers can develop products to manufacture. Computer prototypes are a must first step in bringing your idea to life.



Creating samples for presentations is a key step to prove how a product will function as well as peek interest from potential licensees. We are linked to the best technologies in rapid prototyping, from stereo-lithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling and more.

Invention Assistant help you manufacture on a global scale.


This can be one of the more complex steps on the path to market. We help narrow down the best options that fit your manufacturing needs and then allow you to work directly with the manufacturer you decide to do business with. Our top connections are in the United States, China and Vietnam.

Invention Assistant can help new startups.

Start Up Business Consulting

After years of assisting startups we streamlined the process from getting your LLC and website all the way to helping secure new clients, leads and sales through our marketing and advertising. Our hands on approach allows you to simply check and approve the work while learning to take the wheel and drive your company forward.

Almost 90% of the new inventors we talk to are seeking the steps needed to move forward. Invention Assistant has you covered.


When I got in touch with Invention Assistant I didn't know anything about the invention process. They took me by the hand and guided me every step of the way to success!
Adam S.
I had an app idea so I contact them. Right away, they helped check if the App idea was out there. Then they helped me design and develop the App. When we put it in the iTunes store I couldn't believe it.
Mary H.
App Creator
Amazing. I just had a concept and they designed it and built a prototype. I'm holding the idea I came up with!
Mike K.

Our main goal is to help bring the idea to market through manufacturing. Invention Assistant is a family owned and operated company and we work hard to earn our clients’ trust. By utilizing iron-clad confidentiality agreements with our clients. Our focus is on consumer products, industrial products, apps and more! Some ideas are simple by design, and others are technologically advanced. Regardless of complexity, our professionals have the know-how and experience to provide invention help.

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