Our main goal will always be to bring your product to store shelves.

Invention Assistant has one goal: Reach the market with useful ideas. We start out with a team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers to bring your idea to fruition. Then we help with the next steps of prototyping and manufacturing. Every product is brought to the market differently and different teams are needed for each product so we help you navigate that path.  Every  outcome is different but the process can always be close to the same. 

There are plenty of people who have ideas that have the potential of being great. However, most of them don’t do anything about it because they don’t understand the steps involved for getting their idea to the next level. To turn a new invention into a tangible product that consumers can buy, inventors have to follow some basic steps.

At Invention Assistant we help our clients in a diverse number of industries that include art, auto accessories, clothing, housewares, pets, medical, kids, toys, games, home, garden, electronics, sporting goods, man cave  novelties and more. We provide services to help inventors, entrepreneurs and everyday people.